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Since completing his initial training in the field of Forensic Document Examination, Khody has maintained the reputation as an internationally-respected, highly-requested examiner. With years of extensive experience in both national and international matters, Khody has been accepted as an expert, and has presented evidence on numerous occasions in both criminal and civil matters in state, federal, and international courts.

Throughout his career, Khody has conducted a wide variety of forensic examinations on thousands of individual documents and signatures involved in litigation around the world. His international casework has required extensive travel to Europe, South America and the Middle East. Khody has also been retained on numerous, highly sensitive, international matters that have not required global travel.

In addition to Khody’s typical caseload, he contracts with a variety of state and federal government agencies, insurance companies, and undisclosed entities to perform forensic document examination services.


  • Retained by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office in Goshen, New York to examine evidence in a highly publicized homicide trial involving the murder of a 35 year old mother of four; also testified as an expert witness during the jury trial on behalf of the District Attorney’s Office.
  • Retained by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office in Goshen, New York to examine evidence in a highly publicized homicide trial involving the murder of a 4 year old child; also testified as an expert witness during the jury trial on behalf of the District Attorney’s Office.
  • Paul D. Ceglia v. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and Facebook Inc.
  • Retained by counsel representing Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg in a breach of contract action brought in Federal Court in Buffalo, New York; alleging a multi-billion dollar ownership interest in Facebook.
  • See the Published Court Decision
  • Chevron v. Donzinger, et. al., (S.D.N.Y.); Aguinda v. Chevron (Lago Agrio, Ecuador); Chevron v. Republic of Ecuador (The Hague, Netherlands)
  • Retained by counsel representing Chevron Corporation in a multi-billion dollar environmental lawsuit originating from Lago Agrio, Ecuador.
  • AlGosabi (AHAB) vs. Maan Al Sanea (SAAD Group) (Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia)
  • Retained by counsel representing Maan Al Sanea in a matter involving multi-billion dollar fraud claims in multiple jurisdictions with connections to over 100 international banking institutions originating from Saudi Arabia.
  • The Islamic Bank of Asia Limited v. Ahmad Hamad Algosaibi & Brothers Company (Singapore)
  • Retained by counsel representing the Islamic Bank of Asia Limited in a matter involving multiple fraud claims in connection with a series of multi-million dollar banking transactions originating from Singapore.
  • Retained by counsel representing famed European artist, Peter Doig in a civil action brought in Federal Court in Chicago, Illinois; pertaining to the authentication of a purported original “Doig” painting; with an estimated value in excess of 10 million dollars.
  • Retained by the Pennsylvania Innocence Project and Dechert LLP in the successful exoneration of Shaurn Thomas. Mr. Thomas spent 24 years in a Pennsylvania prison for a murder that he did not commit.
  • View Case Timeline (See Feb. 6, 2012, Page 5)


Khody was also a contributor to the textbook, Forensic Document Examination in the 21st Century. The text was edited by Jan Seaman Kelly and Miriam Angel and published by CRC Press (ISBN:  978-0-367-25155-0).

His contribution was chapter 14 entitled “Forensic Analysis of Handwritten Electronic Signatures”.

The complete list of contributors for the book includes Jan Seaman Kelly, Miriam Angel, Brett M.D. Bishop, Rigo Vargas, Mara L. Merlino, Samiah Ibrahim, Lucinda Risi, Lisa M. Hanson, Carolyne Bird, Linda L. Mitchell, Elaine X. Wooton, Donna O. Eisenberg, Thomas W. Vastrick, Marie E. Durina, Kathleen Annunziata Nicolaides, Tobin Tanaka, Larry A. Olson, Zain M. Bhaloo, Peter Tytell, Timothy A. Campbell, and Mark T. Goff.

See more about the book or purchase a copy on Amazon or at Taylor and Francis.

“Forensic Document Examination in the 21st Century covers the latest technology and techniques providing a complete resource on contemporary issues and methods in forensic document examination. Forensic document examiners provide their findings as expert testimony in court. Due to rapid changes in technology, including digital documents, printing and photocopying capabilities, and more, there is a great need for this up-to-date reference.

The examination of documents can include comparison of handwriting or hand-printing; detection of alterations or photocopier and computer manipulation; restoration or decipherment of erased and obliterated writing; visualization of latent impressions; the identification of printing processes; and differentiation of inks. Computer-generated documents are prevalent, and electronically-captured signatures are becoming more widespread, meaning the knowledge of advances in technology and adoption of new validated techniques and methods of document examination are crucial to the reliability of forensic opinions.

Forensic Document Examination in the 21st Century includes the latest research on the subject and with contributions from leading experts on their various areas of expertise. The book will be a welcome addition to the literature and support the foundational basis for methods and procedures for use it expert testimony in court, serving as a resource for forensic document examiners, trainees, and those in the criminal and legal communities who use the services of expert document examiners and witnesses.”


  • Handwriting, Hand Printing and Signature Examinations
  • Photography and Digital Imaging
  • Alterations, Obliterations and Erasures Examinations
  • Photocopiers/Facsimile/Office Machine Examinations
  • Mechanical Impression Examinations
  • Electronic Signature Analysis
  • Printing Processes Identification and Examination
  • Rubber Stamp and Seal Impression Examinations
  • Counterfeit Examinations
  • Typewriter Examinations
  • Non-Destructive Ink Analysis
  • Non-Destructive Paper Analysis
  • Non-Destructive Indentation Analysis
  • Fracture Match Examinations
  • Examinations of Chard or Soaked Documents
  • Restoration of Shredded Documents
  • Watermark Examinations
  • Evidence Handling Procedures
  • Expert Witness and Legal Proceedings
  • Examination Procedures


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