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With more than 50 years of experience, Gus is an internationally recognized and highly respected examiner in the field of Forensic Document Examination. Gus began his career with the United States Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and then transitioned his career into the United States Secret Service (USSS).

Gus has rendered expert testimony in all Courts of the United States Armed Forces, State and Federal Courts throughout the United States and several international jurisdictions. Furthermore, Gus has been retained as a Government Expert in the highly publicized cases listed on the right (e.g. U.S. vs. Osama Bin Laden).


  • People vs. Edward Leary (N.Y.C. Subway Firebombing)
  • People vs. Abraham Hirschfeld
  • People vs. Chuck Jones (Marla Maples’ Publicist) (1994 and 1999)
  • People vs. Anthony D. Marshall and Francis X. Morrissey, Jr. (Brooke Astor)
  • People v. Christopher Rhodes (Ind. # 2005-103)
  • U.S. vs. Eddie Antar (Crazy Eddie)
  • U.S. vs. Don King (1985, 1995 and 1998)
  • U.S. vs. Giovanni Gambino
  • U.S. vs. Leona Helmsley
  • U.S. vs. Autumn Jackson (Bill Cosby)
  • U.S. vs. Imelda Marcos
  • U.S. vs. Bess Myerson
  • U.S. vs. Darryl Strawberry
  • U.S. vs. Lawrence Cusack (President Kennedy Papers)
  • U.S. vs. Osama Bin Laden (U.S. Embassy Bombing in Africa)
  • U.S. vs. Mokhtar Haouari and Abdelghani Meskini (Y2K Millennium Bomb Plot of LAX)
  • U.S. vs. Wesley Snipes
  • U.S. vs. Ivan Boesky
  • U.S. vs. GAF Corporation
  • U.S. vs. Boyd L. Jefferies
  • U.S. vs. Dennis B. Levine
  • U.S. vs. Michael Milken
  • Kenneth Starr, Office of Independent Counsel (Whitewater Investigation)
  • Lawrence E. Walsh, Office of Independent Counsel (Iran-Contra Affair)
  • U.S. vs. Thomas Clines
  • U.S. vs. Albert Hakim
  • U.S. vs. Lt. Col. Oliver North
  • U.S. vs. Admiral John Poindexter
  • U.S. vs. General Richard Secord
  • U.S. vs. Casper Weinberger
  • In addition to testifying in multiple international jurisdictions, Gus has also been retained in many high-profile international matters originating out of South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


  • Handwriting, Hand Printing and Signature Examinations
  • Photography and Digital Imaging
  • Alterations, Obliterations and Erasures Examinations
  • Photocopiers/Facsimile/Office Machine Examinations
  • Mechanical Impression Examinations
  • Electronic Signature Analysis
  • Printing Processes Identification and Examination
  • Rubber Stamp and Seal Impression Examinations
  • Counterfeit Examinations
  • Fracture Match Examinations
  • Typewriter Examinations
  • Non-Destructive Ink Analysis
  • Non-Destructive Paper Analysis
  • Non-Destructive Indentation Analysis
  • Examinations of Chard or Soaked Documents
  • Restoration of Shredded Documents
  • Watermark Examinations
  • Evidence Handling Procedures
  • Expert Witness and Legal Proceedings
  • Examination Procedures


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