Wesley Snipes Tax Evasion

Detwiler, a forensic document specialist, testified that Nichols’ signatures on checks and documents related to two loans against his life insurance policies were fraudulent. “They’re definitively not genuine,” Detwiler told the court...

Trial notebook: Stich sews up the government’s case

By Rick Cundiff

“… Jurors have had a lot of data to follow throughout the trial. Virtually all of it has been in the form of documents projected on a screen in front of them. They got a chance to actually hold something in their hands Thursday, if only briefly. Handwriting expert Gus Lesnevich was all set to testify on the validity of signatures by Snipes and codefendant Douglas Rosile. U.S. Attorney Robert O’Neill had passed out copies of Lesnevich’s written analysis, complete with examples of signatures…”