Tbilisi, Georgia… Courts duped by forgery, says expert

Detwiler, a forensic document specialist, testified that Nichols’ signatures on checks and documents related to two loans against his life insurance policies were fraudulent. “They’re definitively not genuine,” Detwiler told the court...

Courts duped by forgery, says expert

By Sopo Datishvili

“… In May, Kay appealed to the Georgian courts to grant him provisional power over some of the assets of Patarkatsishvili. The documents which Kay presented to the court have subsequently been examined by Gus R. Lesnevich, one of the foremost forensic document examiners in the United States and a former senior examiner of documents for the US Secret Service. Lesnevich studied three legal papers, two which gave Joseph Kay the authority to act as the executor of Patarkatsishvili’s estate, and the so-called “power of attorney” document which emerged after the tycoon’s death….”